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Another bad day

SV Updated
well another day in court. I agreed to move out of premises on the 15th of this month. went back to court for an extension as i became very very ill. I now have a care plan in place but because i became so ill (due to the fact that i found out that my husband was trying to evict me because of another woman) i could not function properly and spent two months in bed. of course now i still have nowhere to go so have had to take it back to court. again my husband was screaming that i was abusive although i had a video on my phone of him going to attack me after calling me a very ugly name. in desperation my husbanding started screaming i was bringing men back to the family home to sleep with them. I was gobsmacked. how dare he. hes the one sleeping with another woman and im the one trying to get over the devastation. How dare he make up such an awful lie just to make me look like im the bad person. Anyway another court day booked with the judge stateing to me in frnt of husband YOU NEED TO DIVORCE THIS MAN just about says it all. The clerk of the court also came out to me to apologise and said HES A LIAR ISNT HE. And what the biggest joke is hes now pasting all over facebook how hurt he is. He point blank denied the affair to the judge and is now going to make out to everyone im the one being unfaithful. The last time i spoke to this man was xmas when he gave me an eternity ring and told me how much he loved me. its amazing how low someone will stoop to hide the atrocities that they have done. My husband is a true coward. A`nd I fear how long im am going to be humiliated and degraded all because my husband is aving an affair.

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Good luck with getting it all sorted out.

Sounds as if the Court has seen through him.
This is terrible! I really feel upset for you it's bad enough trying to cope with the betrayal and lies and now you are ill, and when you are ill, you fight everyday to keep going , I know I have first hand experience.
We have to have exteriors like iron, they can't live with what they have done and doing so they blame us,
It's the same old story, the emotional pain is terrible. I have good times and bad, so happens today has been bad but I know it will be different tomorrow. I just keep saying to myself that the best thing I can do is to make a new life for me, you will do the same, you will get stronger , our daughter also has nothing to do with him.
Like movingon, I feel excited and hopeful but scared at the same time of what the future holds, but I want to get through this I want to do it for me , I'm thinking of you, just keep updating your story, everyone on here
Will help you I find great comfort from this forum and have made virtual friends. Good luck keep going xxx
This sounds terrible...he sounds terrible! I think they project their inadequacies onto to us to make themselves feel better. What right does he have to judge you...he's the one having the affair...so what if you're dating and perhaps taking them home...its none of his business anymore. The Judge is right you do need to divorce this person. The stbx had an affair with a much younger woman and then had the cheek to say that i couldn't divorce him on grounds of Adultery because he hadn't had sex with anyone...laughable...so i went with Unreasonable Behaviour and stated the inappropriate relationship. He is now onto his second victim who, again, is a lot younger...pitiful human being screams midlife crisis. He is a liar, can't be trusted and i don't believe anything that comes out of his creepy mouth...can't even believe i once loved this person. His daughter has no contact with him or his family as they have been vile and blame me for everything...unbelievable right. Initially this person made me feel worthless, i had no self esteem or confidence...but i have bounced back and i am excited, perhaps a little scared, about my uncertain future. I have taken control and have moved forward considerably you need to do the same it will make you feel better about yourself. X