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Anticipating an Exploding Wife

D Updated

 Right, so I've tracked down her solicitor! Don't know what the big secret was. The receptionist went and checked and it is definitely the one I guessed that's representing my wife. I left a letter with him. She'd phoned me again this morning; had I received an affidavit addressed to her, why would I? I thought unless of course she was lying about her residence. I got to thinking about how this might be to her advantage, but she's taking a risk with her post. After all she could have lied on the petition about her address, but had her mail redirected. Then again, that would be proof of her not living there I guess so it's all so confusing trying to work out what she's up to.

 I just thought well, what suits me? It doesn't suit me to have her ringing and coming over all hours for her mail so I wrote a polite note to her solicitor to request that she lets me know when she is coming. I hope I've now established her residence with him and also the disputed end date for her notice period. I even added that he should not respond in writing if it would be likely to incurr any costs to me, bearing in mind that she's applying for me to pay for everything.

 She'll no doubt explode when he contacts her, but I don't know what the fall-out will be. It will be one of two extremes; coming round constantly to annoy me or having zero contact. Whatever, I'm tired of her games.

 I saw a counsellor yesterday, made her laugh when I said I thought I'd be bringing paranoia to the session until I realised someone really was gaining access to the flat - it's not paranoia if they really are out to get you!

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