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Arrangements for the weekend

S Updated

X2B called earlier this week to ask the girls if they would like to spend this Saturday with him and have a sleep over too.

Youngest jumped at the chance..eldest got into a right state..

So in the end we all sat an argued and argued and argued.

But in the end it was agreed they would go.

Next day a birthday invite arrives for the youngest..for the same Saturday.

Eldest comes home from school with an invite to go shopping with her mate that same Saturday too.

So we argued and argued and argued.

In the end I called X2B to explain the situation and suggested that I drop the girls off Saturday early evening after their respective diary dates and pick them up Sunday afternoon...X2B was fine with the arrangement..


But I am absolutely mentally exhausted..and this is just one visit of many to come..

So Saturday is approaching fast..and I am looking forward to a night off.

X2B rang again to say that he had a proposition to put to me..but he had to see me in person and that a good time will be when the girls are on their diary dates...so between the hours of 3 and 6 will it be good news or bad?.

Spoke to my Mum last night..nearly cried..but held it all together...Mum is the only one who hits that button, digs where no other will go, and offers me love without any conditions attached. But I really need a huge cuddle more than anything.


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Oh how lovely.

Wish I had come here last night...I had an absolute breakdown.

But today I feel better???.

Is it sad to realise that you are my only friends.

Thanks Wikiforce for making this all possible.

Got to keep on going going and going.
Here is a hug for anyone that needs it!

,** .$$.
(,0")( ", )

Works better on a text but hope you get the picture.
Can I have one too then, please?
Is an electronic cuddle acceptable?