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H Updated
Hi all. It's been quite some time since I wrote a blog. Some things in my life kind of took over for a while. I have not been idle however! Today I weigh 11 stone 12 pounds so I am well and truly out of the obese category, something that I was aiming to achieve by my son's birthday (and managed). I am now merely overweight. I need to set another 3 month goal for myself but haven't decided on one yet. I've thought about trying to hit my ideal weight (which means losing 20 pounds) but I don't think that's realistic in 3 months. Exercise-wise I joined a new gym and after a settling in period there I'm back at it and enjoying it. I hope everyone else who was following my story is doing well themselves.

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Well done and I too was following your blogs. Glad to see you back and still doing well.

Like a lot of us I lost a bit of weight when stbx left, something he said I could thank him for, cheeky git. I only gained weight in the first place because of the sheer boredom of sitting here watching mind numbing TV with him..in silence.

I am in control more now and eat healthy stuff with the odd naughty thing, but eh oh you can't be good all the time can you. I loose weight by jumping around to music in the house. It's becoming quite a fixation for me and I have my favorite tunes now which I instantly go into frenzy with when they play them on the radio. Problem is when I hear these songs when I'm out, I have to stop myself from doing star jumps in the middle of the supermarket or at work :D :D :D

Keep it up you are doing great

LG xXx
I was following your blogs too.
Well done with sticking to your regime and achieving such a weight loss that you have sustained. It's a very tough thing to do.
I lost nearly three stone during my severe depression . It was so weird to no longer be interested in food! Or anything really.
I've put a stone back on and a couple of kilos more but I don't want to keep gaining, but its so hard! Now that I'm feeling better , but still stressed I'm finding it difficult not to eat the wrong things!
You'll have to detail what you are doing.
Congrats again on taking control.
Emis x
I have been reading your blogs, and I'm hoping to find the mental energy / commitment to join you. My weight hovers on the borders of obese / overweight, and I'm sure losing some of the excess would help with my confidence and self-image. Keep it up!