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CSA and nights and payrise and WTF

L Updated
Hi All Life is awesome, I am enjoying myself alot and well no communication with EX is good communication frankly. I have my girls alot, 117 nights a year infact.. (Depending who you ask) I unfortunately got a pay rise, I say unfortunately as I immediately called the CSA to tell them. As I knew my payments would rise I set them straight on number of nights.. from 0 to 117 pa. Reduction of nearly £140 pm.. but something I wasn't going to implement I just wanted to defend my pay rise. And have the actual real calculation. Also shows I have over paid by nearly 6k to date... Calculation done, and new numbers.. I couldn't prove my pay rise as I didn't have a pay slip.. Just called them, as I now have a pay slip, talked through it and got all the numbers correct.. amazingly not the 5% over I needed to make a recalculation. HOWEVER, the account is in query, the quote from the nice lady at the CSA is that my EX has said I do get 2 nights a week, but from this point forward I will not. The lady literally told me that my EX has told them she is going to remove nights to ensure more money. I told the lady that's not right and she just said its sad so many resident parents use children for financial gain, and she see's this very often. Its just not right that we have a agency that actually financially rewards the resident parent for not allowing access. Going forward, I am not sure what to do, should I reduce the CSA payment to her, or just leave it.. Its kinda making me laugh as the situation is so sad.

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Didn't expect anything less, and know I can't do anything about it, just a shame the resident parent cannot see who is really being hurt...
(((((Lost))))), that is very sad. Well done on the pay rise though. They tend not to give pay rises to people not pulling their weight and doing the job well.

It's not right, but did we really expect anything different from your ex? Not sure whether she's doing this because you're not paying more now you've had a rise. Does she know? If you've overpaid by such a large amount, does that not tell her something?

If I were you, I'd post a query in the Forum as some people don't read the blogs.

It's good to hear from you though and that 'life is awesome and you're enjoying yourself' Wow! You've been through such a lot it had to change for the better. Well done!

Mitchum xx