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Can any one help

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Hi can anyone help with a bit of knowledge. My family home is in my husbands name although I do have matrimonial home rights. Before i was with my husband he took all the equity out of the house £80.000. when i met him i paid over a thousand pound to stop house from being repossed. since i moved in and married him i am the only one who has paid the mortgage over 30.000. He is stating it is still in negative equity and because he is not working he does not have to give me anything. I have agreed to move out in 4 weeks but already mortgage in arrers as court ordered him to pay half and he has not. My problem is he cannot afford the mortgage where do i stand. can i have the house transferred into my name or maybe an order to stay here and pay the mortgage until the house can be sold. He has in the last year deliberately done things to the building to make it worth less.

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Sarah, I had the direct debit for the mortgage transferred to my account so that it was paid on time each month. The bank didn't put up a fight as they knew they'd get the payments. However I think my other half had to make that happen. Not sure about the other questions, but I would make sure I stayed especially if I'm paying the mortgage. So sorry you find yourself in this position, but know you have the wikis supporting you (xxxx)
I think I'm right in saying if you are married it does not matter who paid what when to whom or into the house. If you are married you are both entitled to 50% of the value of the house. Typically the only way to release the money from the house is to sell it unless you can re finance and one person can buy the other out. Its a good idea to stay in the house for as long as you can even though of course this may be difficult. If equity was taken out of the house earlier and you did not see any of that at all then that should be factored into the settlement.