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Chemo journey Oct 2014

N Updated
Well, I have now got over the itchy rash I had on my torso and also had some unexplained bleeding investigated, it's a small non-cancerous lump which I have more meds for and the bleeding is getting less frequent, so that's good. Next week I have haematologist on Monday, chemo on Tues and Fri and a scan (just to make sure lump is all right and I have no other issues) on Thurs. Good job its half-term. I'm hoping in between all that to see my cousin and a friend.

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My reaction had been the same as Dees.

Nothing for Wednesday - 'how dull dahling'!

This is flippant but underneath it is my share of wiki support and concern Nell.

How are your boys coping? Are they scared for you? Not aware etc?

Biggest hugs Nell.

Nell, I know no words can make it easier for you, but I hope knowing that we are willing you through this helps a little.

To have all this on top of a divorce is a tough call yet you remain so positive. You are amazing! xx
Well done Nell for keeping your pecker up! And making time for good things. I've been thinking about you a lot, especially as I have been spending rather a lot of time in the same hospital these last few weeks and wondering if you were there at the same time! Good luck with it all xxx
So what are you going to do on Wednesday???

Seriously though just wanted to send you loads of hugs, you are one very special lady x
Glad you're squeezing in some nice things with all your appointments & treatments. Xx
Glad that treatment is going well for you- keep positive! love nhugs.