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Diary entry number 2...

D Updated
Well, today was the day that my ex and I had to swap "financial disclosure". I haven't heard from my solicitor all day, but I guess they will need time to go through it. £££ of charges! Living in the same house as your ex is a testing time. When they are an alcoholic, it's even more so. I arrived in from work last night about 11:45pm to find that she wasn't home from work yet. (She finishes at 5:30). Now don't get me wrong, I know this is none of my business completely. It is also a very regular thing, but she is a female alone out late at nigh and vunerable through drink. I still care for her welfare. Anyway, about 15 minutes later, I was wishinh I had gone straight to bed!!! She fell in the house, pretending to be sober and not doing a very convincing job. Tripping over her own feet sort of gave the game away...:-) She tried to instigate a discussion on the divorce and said that she wanted this all sorted by christmas. I told her she had to be realistic and that as she wanted to buy me out, it was ultimately in her hands the length of time it would take. Should it go to a financial hearing, vould take as long as 2 years, then we have to sell the house... Let's say this did not go down well! After a drunken barrage of abuse, I asked her to speak to her solicitor about it as it was best not to talk to me. Off she went to bed and I haven't seen her since. Hopefully she won't be around tonight when I get in or in the morning before I go to work. I have taken some holiday from Sunday to get away from it all for my birthday next week. So a trip to see family will give me a bit of space. So I will write again soon... Stay positive and strong everyone. I think there is light at the end of every tunnel, we just have to keep travelling until we see it. We just have to keep believing that it is there...

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I like the concept of keep traveling until we see the light :D it my birthday the week after next never felt less like celebrating but going to spend time with family sounds good. Have a trip booked to the English seaside so let's hope this weather lasts!