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Didnt see that coming

E Updated
I had a great weekend last week... A coach load of good friends took off for a sunny day at the races. I went on my tod but with so many friends about I was not alone really. And I picked a couple of winners so the day was not a disaster either.... back to the pub after and we all staggered home at midnight. Sat night was the end of season bash at my sports club.. this time with my lady who was there for the first time. She got the obligatory grilling from the wives and girlfriends but came through with flying colours giving as good as she got. Another bridge crossed. Introducing your new lady to friends who have been family friends for 20 years or more should be easy but you fear they might say something or worse say nothing. They where all lovely... i should not have doubted my true frineds. The Sunday..... I had arranged a big surprise party for my Mum's 70th birthday. I was worried though.... i told everyone i could "its a secret ssshh". Village gossip is a wonderful thing. Sometimes it breaks the sound barrier around our village! Rumours spread like wildfire here... so when my mum walked into the local restaurant to find all her family and friends there going "SSsssshhhhhh" and then they all started singing happy birthday.... the shock and tears meant we beat the jungle drums! No mean feat I can tell you. What a party... great food and music. Some great friends and family. I was slightly smugg in pulling it all off. I even did a small speach off the cuff.... and got away with it! I feel a whole lot of sunday roasts and ironing offers coming my way. :o) My new GF got to meet all the family and another bridge crossed there too. I never doubted their loyalty obviously but so pleasing to see my daughter and new GF chatting, dancing and laughing together. Made my day. Then a family meal mid week was arranged post birthday before the relatives from miles away trekked off home. Here things really livened up when my mums gentleman friend took me outside for a quiet word and revealed he had proposed to Mum and she said yes!!! Now who is going to top that for a few days of blogging!! Just off to drop my lovely daughter back to UNI for her second year. Will miss her but you have to let em fly. She makes me proud of her every day. Life is turning into fun again. The divorce is on going but reality is we are fighting over stuff that though important it is most definatly not what happiness is really about. S2bx is back from her hols tomorrow... one last try to resolve stuff amicably I think. Yes I know... the head is sore from banging on the same brick wall but hopefully after a week on a yoga holiday she may be a little more open minded.... nieve possibly! Onwards and Upwards Wiki friends. Enjoy the september sunshine.

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How wonderful to have the ability to look at all your blessings, up close and personal and gathered together in one place. Easier to count that way!
Sometimes, when one is in the middle of these messes, it's hard to believe there will ever be sun again.
Thanks for the reminder!
Esox just tuned in and what a lovely thing your blog is to read.

Sunshining on a fellow Wiki ........that is such a good thing it makes me feel good when it happens ..I'm so pleased you had a great weekend and that the silver linings are starting to appear all around you xxxx
You're right no one will be outdoing this blog soon for good news :)
Nice to hear your mum has someone special too.
Great and good for you Esox.....may you have many more days like these

LG xXx
:) :) :) :)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
What fabulous news,the tide is certainly turning
I am so glad to read this,and happy for you all

Sand Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Fantastic so pleased for you xxx
I hope you manage to talk some sense into them about getting married
All the best
Fantastic news and well deserved! :)
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