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Empty Streets

T Updated

Last night in the empty streets I was alone with my thoughts, quietness filled me, shook my feelings, what would I do if I could only "rewind" my life... I wonder if I would repeat all my mistakes again and be here where I am today. These thoughts of my world are slowly crushed into broken images, of nothing and oddly enough I am not among them. I took a deep breath, can this be real, or I'm simply rambling. I don't know but I continue to let these images pass through my mind unceasingly... then moments later in the pin drop silence of the streets, I scream. But my silent screams are not heard. I feel a cold wind caress my rain matted hair, I'm not only lost in my thoughts but also in this world, suddenly I felt incredibly lonely.

A fox pauses, watches me but it can never see my pain filled tears in this rain, never hear my silence under screaming skies, nor feel my loneliness among a crowd... Now, I see, Ihear, I feel and I fear... Am I locking myself into loneliness, afraid of promises? In a world of broken promises, I see people want to keep their word. Although these promises are held so strongly in their hands, they managed to slip through their fingers and smash against the ground and brake into pieces. I hold one piece of a word in my hand and reluctantly put it back where it belonged.

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