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Entertaining the kiddies.

S Updated
I took my son to the cinema yesterday to see The Lego Movie. Ok, I will admit that I actually wanted to see it myself, and taking him was just a smokescreen to allow me to go see a kids film and not feel like an idiot. It was really good fun. Very silly and madcap action throughout. Lots of clever cameos (there seems to be a Lego figure from just about every lego set ever made) and a good story too. The wee lad loved it. And I will admit I did too. So if youre looking for something to entertain the little ones, I would give that film a go. Oh and it has a blooper reel on youtube.
I have yet to work out how you can have a blooper reel for an animated film, but hey.... what would I know?

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Once I'd found out what a blooper reel is,(Yes, had to Google it.) I watched it and found the notion of the little Lego characters having speech amusing. Sounds like just the thing for a rainy mid-term afternoon, with ice cream of course!
My eldest is trying to convince his sister to go because going to see the Lego movie at 12 ain't cool. Taking your 6 year old sister is just what your lame mum makes you do...aforementioned little sister not impressed with the whole plan so far, it's going to take at least a side trip to the Haagendass cafe!
Its a great film for kids and adults. A bit madcap perhaps, and your kids will be singing the "Everything Is Awesome" song at you for days after, but its well worth going to see.
Love the sound of a 'blooper reel' for animated film lol
Sounds good, now all I need is a small child to have an excuse to go :)
I used to love Lego both as a child and when my sons were young