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Ex Wife of husband keeps coming back for variation

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Can anyone help. I have been married for 7 years to a man who had lost it all to divorce 2 years before I met him. We have built our lives back up in excess of what he had with his 1st wife, but because she is disabled he pays her spousal maintenance. They divorced over 11years ago and since our marriage this is the 3rd time she has applied for variation. Each time we provide the previous year of financial information and then ongoing for approx a year, this means our financials have been totally visible to her for just about our entire marriage. She counts my income and assetts as his and refuses to accept me and my 3 children as his dependents therefore eliminating the costs. She basically took her fair share from her marriage to him and now wants a share of what we have together and regularily applies for variation to find out what we have. She gets away with it because she is disabled. I'm an ex wife myself but I don't continually put my ex husband and his new family through such trauma, isn't it time to move on after 11 years? It is just greed and jealousy that brings her back again and again. We cannot afford to continually pay for solicitors and we cannot afford to capitalise her payments. can anyone help us to stop this??? HELP!{jomcomment}

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Try posting this on the forum rather than the blog pages where you'll get a constructive answer..the blogs sort of an angry diary page for those that have been shafted. And yes it is greed and bitterness that drives her to come back to you..