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Financial order in place and now.......

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Due to the gagging clause, I am uncertain if I can write anything lest it be seen to be intended to damage my ex's public profile or her employability. Is anyone aware of my ex having a public profile? Would anyone consider employing her? We had what I thought were 10 good years together. I enjoyed 20 years of bringing up our daughters- well 5 years without sufficient sleep was a bit draining... perhaps one day I will see them again and find out why they are avoiding me. A pity it all went wrong and that I am at least 50% responsible. Now to see if the financial settlement can be carried out without any problems...... LOL. (Can I write that?) Best wishes to all who have supported me through this ordeal. Only another year to go to finalise the transactions.... hopefully less but I have learnt a great deal including not holding my breathe.

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Thank you both.

I am continuing to breathe (much to ex's annoyance, I assume).

Sad to read that it is fairly common to have this sort of parent/ child split when divorce happens. Hopefully everyone will get over it and all be happy enough some day.
Finally got some quality time with my daughter and its a common theme that the kids resident parent will often paint the picture to make themselves look sweet and innocent in the split.

On Radio 2 yesterday there was a phone in about changing the law to have divorce available without the reasons or two years wait. To speed up the process one guy agreed to say he had an affair, which he had not. Then his ex showed this on the court docs to his kids who ignored him for 4 years until they where 16 and able to understand there are two sides. Then they ignored the mother for what she had done! There are no winners in using the kids to hurt one another.

My daughter was led to believe I had left them for someone else.... never!! She knows different now but I had those years of the cold shoulder and seeing her upset but not knowing why.

Now the ex and her family want us to be friends.... Bitter n twisted about it still so a polite "no ta!" was received with shock! go figure!

Hang in there buddy. The truth will come out. Your kids must be wondering what really happened. One day the truth will come out and then the problem will be not to let the bitterness consume you over the lost years. I am failing there... so far! It aint easy!

Good luck and take care.
Another milestone passed. I imagine you feel a mixture of bewilderment, relief, anti-climax and sadness. Let it all percolate for a bit. Take a breath. Take care.