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At the same time as all the grief, panic, stress, tears, snot, expense, worry and general distress, it's worth noting that good things also happen. Friends are wonderful things and no matter what role they adopt in relation to your new situation, they bring welcome comfort, distraction and often they bring wine. It's been six weeks since I busted my soon to be ex husband outside his floozies house, and since then I have cooked dinners for friends and entertained them with my rants and tears and my wonderful cooking, I've been cooked for and soothed with stories of other people's days, I've been introduced to Netflix which distracts me when my brain is busy, met different friends after work for wine and cheese, gossip and pep talks, been to the cinema, taken out for dinner, been gifted all the Downton Abbey programs, reconnected with old friends and have been coached on a daily basis via Whatsapp and Skype sessions with faraway friends. Being alone is hard work. Emotions can be difficult to manage so it's important for me (and you probably) to remember that all of this is temporary and transitory. Life will be different but it will become the new normal. I am going to sign off with a few of my favourite Whatsapp messages. Apologies for the language. My friends feel quite vehemently about my situation: "...is an unworthy manchild and you are better off rid" "...is blaming you instead of accepting the blame himself. Fucking coward" "just take all the happiness you can, wherever you can find it. Ok? Deal?" "I wish I was there so we could drink booze together and right the world. Or just bitch. Ha Ha!" There are many, many more wonderful messages and when the dark days are with me, I need to remember that I am loved by more people than I ever realised.

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Thank you Vastra. I am indeed up and down but generally, I'm doing ok. I am pleased to be here with like-minded individuals. The site is a comfort and a nice place to go when I'm feeling over-whelmed. Thanks again for your lovely comment.
Sorry to hear you've joined us, but you are really doing very well 6 weeks on! One of the blessings of my unwanted separation was a much greater appreciation of friends and family. Sounds like you have a wonderful network of good people around you and pleased to read you are cooking your way through grief which is a nice change to the usual no-appetite-must-eat-something situation! The emotional rollercoaster will come and go over the coming months but it does ease with time.