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Happier day

C Updated
Havent seen him for a week now, no contact apart from a few texts. He was meant to phone the next night but didn't bother. Can't understand how he could change this much. Seeing him again my mood crashed. Had most of week off work as am using up annual leave days before they run out at start of April but wasn't really a good thing as it gave me the oppertunity to slob about the house dwelling on things. Am going to get solicitor to send out my divorce letter tomorrow. Why am I feeling scared of his reaction on recieving it when he so obviously disregards my feelings entirely? My one dread is that he stops paying morgatage or bills as a way of making things difficult. Anyway, its suprising how doing your hair and putting makeup on can make you feel so much better! Had to as I was taking my daughter to the shops and wanted to feel human again! Also two good things happened today - I got a letter to say that f say funding had become available in my job to apply forfurther training which I have wanted to do (only work part time at moment and will have to up my hours so will have to try a way of keeping in this line of work, hope he doesn't mess this up for me if I can't find way of earning extra money). Also a group I realy like are touring in May and I have bought 3 tix (me, my son and daughter) to see them. So there is a ray of sunshine in the rain!

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