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Happy Birthday to me

L Updated

All my friends that I chat to will know I went to a charity ball in Londaon last night and that today is my birthday.

The ball was excellent and raised lots of cash for the childrens charity. At midnight, our table had champagne and they sang happy birthday to me.

10 minutes later I am in the ladies, crying my eyes out - why? Up until then, I had been having a great time. Me and my friend who came with me, bought some (2 bottles) wine and went back to my room where we sat and talked till 3am

I woke up this morning with a streaming cold, a really chesty cough which will be bronchitis by tomorrow and I feel awful

so, in a nutshell, as birthdays go, i think I will choose to forget this one. Roll on Christmas!



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Happy birthday anyway, hope you feel better now x
Just wanted to say happy birthday to you.

We dont realise just how much of a front we put on to friends and family until we let our guard down to ourselves x

Keep smiling, I hope you feel better soon and it will get easier well I hope so as people keep tellin gme that also!
belated Brithday greetings :-*
Read this through, the good bit's at the end!!

Yep, know how you feel. We told our daughter the day before my borthday that we were splitting up. Had a "family" style birthday the next day to show her that we were still friends and that things would be OK, even thought we were splitting up.

I spent the whole of my birthday close to tears, managed not to crack for the little one's sake. Did
loads of things that she would find great, wasn't in the mood for any of it but I guess, in a way it kept my mind of the situation. Then, when she went to sleep, had the worst night of the whole situation with tears and anger etc. Oh, and it was my 40th. Life begins at 40, does it?

Woke up the next morning (and this is the good bit) and thought 'F#@{ it, I am going to have a life' and just got on with it. Sod it, there's more to life than being the other half, being the 'husband', being the one that got shat on.

So, accept the situation, get youself out there and build you life. It can be done and you can do it.

I've started and have really good days. They can hapen, if you let them.

Good luck, see you in chat.

Well Happy Birthday anyway nix, hope your feeling better :)