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Hard to Swallow

G Updated
Been a tough week for me, being half term my stepchildren were down visiting STBX, since he left he has been saying that he would always make sure that I maintained a relationship with my stepchildren, that I didn't have to lose them just because we are divorcing. Already this first visit, he had them and he didn't even tell me they were down here and to add insult to injury he had the new bird installed as their replacement stepmummy. So last half term I was with them and this half term, different bird in daddy's bed. I guess that shouldn't have hurt quite so much but it did, a lot. I feel like I am just easily replaced, dump wifey and put new bit of stuff in wifey's place, easily done and who cares? Well I care. I love my stepkids and not being able to see them really hurts, I miss them. Yesterday I got a letter from my solicitors with a copy of the property register for our house, with my name now installed registering my marital rights. I knew this was going to kick off his anger, I think he really thinks I am just going to sit back and let him shaft me for the money I put into the property. Anyway after days of not hearing from him at all and his ignoring my message about talking about finances for over a week suddenly I get emails demanding information about my assets. So something tells me that he got a copy of the homerights registration.

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