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Origin of the name honeybees Okay: I may loose some people here. The only thing I can say is that I have bohemian parents so whilst I may not be religious I have been raised to belive nature conspires to tell us things an a million ways! Here are some examples: •2 days after my ex left: sitting in work and it sounds like rain outside my window even though there are blue skies! I looked at the around and what I can only assume was a migrating hive of bees (as there were hundreds of them) were crashing against the window, only my window not anyone else along the entire office. Luckily the window was closed at the time! •As I relayed the story to my sister a gorgeous little leaf cutter bee came buzzing over. Subsequently I have been back to my sisters and seen it every time. It would appear the bee has made some sort of a home in the flower bed next to where I was sitting. •Sitting on the train thinking of my ex and looked up to see a sign saying ‘you need the bees more than they need you’ •Just when I thought I forgot about the bees a shop assistant came out and put a sign in my path saying ‘local honey back in stock from our local bees’ at the health food store on my road. •I was sitting in a pub garden with a friend and just as I was telling her how I thought the universe was trying to tell me something I just didn't know what: and a peanut came flying out of the sky and whacked me on the head. We were on our own in the garden with no one around. But there were some tall trees around so I'm assuming it came out of a birds nest. My friend started laughing and saying someone clearly wants you to know something. •I was listening to a song on the radio, for some reason it stood out to me so I did a search. The name of the band: She keeps bees. •Perhaps the most poignant for me... I was starting to forget the bees as winter was fully upon us (November) so there weren't as many about. But then a little honey bee in the midst of winter was there, on the outside of my window at work. It clung to the window through the wind/ rain / storms. For three days it just didn't move. I used to check on it and its little bottom half was still twitching, so he was alive. Resiliently holding on through the trauma of the terrible weather. I don't know why it made me sad. •Finally just as I started to forget it all: about two weeks before Christmas I receive a parcel in the post. It was from my stbx mother. She wrote a lovely letter saying how sad the break up had made her and that she wishes nothing but the best for me. I was going to leave the parcel and open it on Christmas day but speaking with a friend she said 'open it, you have to' so I did. Inside was a Burts Bee's set. She was like 'oh my god' I don't know why but its all linked to your ex. There are lots of other stories from the last seven months where I have had strange been encounters, I just don’t understand what (if anything) I am supposed to gleam from the visits? Still, I just wanted to share my username origin story as I’m hopeful it will bring me luck! “ Be a bee, Living in a flowery garden. Not a fly, Living in heaps of garbage” Indonesian Proverb

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Another lovely blog, this journey changes our lives so much, yes it's traumatic and at times desperately hard but if we take time to learn and grow we emerge much happier and stronger people. Your writing is lovely honey bee, your life will, in the end be full of sweet nectar