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How we forget?

Just over 2 yrs ago the drawn out end to my family occurred with ex announcing she was off. 12 mths wasted trying to keep the lying cheat with us. I should have kicked her out as soon as i found out. Anyway my children told me my ex discovered something i did before leaving this week that i had forgot all about. She liked to portray herself as the darling of her degree course for all newbies to look upto. She had wrote a letter telling the newbies all about her own perfect journey through her degree just missing out the parts about her multiple cheating etc.... Anyway i had added my own version in anger pointing out the truth as i saw it. Don't think she enjoyed finding it and i took no pleasure in hearing this news. What a sorry episode of my life that was.

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Like Pixy... what sort of woman shares that with her young children?

In my bitterness I too thought of revenge but nothing that subtle lol. Are you saying others have had access to it and read it... hope she posted it on some forum or other lol. My marriage was not smashed by adultery but i fully understand where you were at mate.

Personally i would chucle about it... you only told the truth. Shame the kids get involved in it though.

Keep on the recovery road and be the best you can looking forward.
So mummy had sex and committed adultery with numerous men.........
Daddy changed her self praising word document to include a bit of that........................

Yes I can see what a bad person you really are ;D ;D

All the best
Don't worry about it - you could have done a lot worse! It's a shame she felt the need to share that with your kids but dot feel ashamed. I have had to apologise to my kids for emotional outbursts and a few digs at OW and STBX, and tell them I was really hurt and upset and will try to be calmer and stronger for them. I wish I had acted on some of my revenge ideas at the time. e.g. in the 2 weeks before he moved into his flat I thought of boiling his underpants in chilis from our garden - these were so fiery that I had to put a cold pack on my face and ice cubes in my mouth for an hour after tasting a sliver. He was burning with lust for OW so it would have been very apt.
Anyone who would share that sort of information with young children is a series of words too unmentionable for the delicate souls of wiki mods. You did it. It was true. What's her problem? Oh yes, it was having to face up to being a scumbag ...
How very sad that she told your young children and used them as her messengers. That says so much about her selfishness that she felt compelled to share it with them, but she knew that was the only way you would learn that she'd found what you'd written.

Presumably she also missed out the parts about you taking care of the home and two very young children whilst working full time to enable her to have such a 'perfect journey though her degree'.

Hope that episode is now closed. Get on with writing a new chapter. xx

If she had a bit more grace, she would have seen this was the actions of a man struggling to come to terms with her cheating. Perhaps if she had grace, she wouldn't have mentioned this discovery.

See it for what it is, she is self obsessed and only concerned for her own feelings. That's the sad thing here, nothing else.
You did well TEIN. Have a chuckle at what was. Then forget it.

No one cares anyway, except for the ex.

I wonder if our ex's beat themselves up about the choices they made? Doubt they give us a second thought or even worry about how they treated us. She's angered by what you wrote.. Too bad too sad for her. She'll live. Don't give it another thought. xxxxxxx
Tein stop beating yourself up about it... you were in a different place when that happened... we all understand that hurt and raw feeling... perhaps she might realise that she caused that... Sunflower calls them antics I bet there are a lot worse antics to be told on here.
Would you do it now No!

"The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you have come"

oh afon - no wonder I have been making such a hash of things! I have not heard that pearl of wisdom before - oh but now I am richer and wiser - thank you!

TEIN - oh tein - if only you knew! Is that the worst you can beat yourself up with? - hell I was a howling banshee of the most dervlish kind (No, no idea what it means but it's a saying!) - I promise you - if that is the worst of it then you are a true and very controlled gentleman (and actually I have never regretted one of my antics - very therputic at the time)

Hey ho on we go - but with a hug from this wiki ()
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