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Hurrah for the Personal Trainer!!!

A Updated

This evening's feeling = Empty

So, X2B's out with her boyfriend tonight, she was obviously very nervous about telling me. I can always tell, she rambles on and on about stuff. Silly really, I've told her many times that I don't mind when / how often she sees him as long as they don't have sex until we actually separate. I'm sure they are not doing so, at least for the moment.

We're talking about finances tomorrow whilst the small person is at a friends house. I think it will go well, I think she understands more now that I am not trying to stiff her out of money. We'll find out tomorrow.

So I'm watching the rugby (England vs Tonga) and on here posting again. Such is life. Staying off the alcohol for the next few days to dry out a bit.

It looks like the personal trainer is paying off. In the 2 weeks I've been having sessions (!!!!) I have lost 5 kilos (11 lbs to you luddites!!). Bloody marvelous!!! Just another 35 to go!!!

And X2B asks me how it's going and I say about the weight loss and she comments "I'm looking forward to seeing you slim".

OK, not sure how I feel about that. I'm sure it was meant for encouragement but I sort of feel like "you've got your own life now and shouldn't be interested in how I am". Silly really. No reason why she shouldn't be interested from a friend point of view.

Still adjusting I guess.

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