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My divorce is a nighmare

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My husband left me in May 2006, the way in which he left was a complete nighmare. He left for work as normal, I went shopping with my daughter and he rang my mobile to and told me to say goodbye to his daughter at this point I went mad and called him a coward and he should speak to her himself (Daughter was 13). On returning from shopping I found the police on my doorstep, they came in and proceeded to advise me that my husband had been listed as missing and could have ended his life, they searched my home interveiwed both me and my daughter who by this point was distraught.

To cut a very long story short he was found with tablets all over the car and the police took him to hospital, the hospital discharged him an hour later as the said he was faking everything and just wasting everyones time!

Since he left he has seen his daughter about 10 times, never paid anything towards the joint liabilities for the house or for his daughter.

My daughters relationship has all but broken down with her father now and she does not want to see him any more Can she do this? would the courts make her see her dad?

On the financial side of thing its not good I have more going out than I have coming in due to the fact that he payis nothing, Can I get him to pay his half of the mortgage whilst the house is been sold, the mortgage is in joint names?

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>:( i@m so sorry to hear of your horrible experience!!,my god whaT WAS HE THINKING.anyway i have 3 girls split up 8yrs ago, within 6 months middle girl wont have anything to do with him,eldest girl,estranged also from him since she was 17 yrs as she saw for herself what a destructive person he could be. only my youngest 18yrs now,speaks to him rare occassions he rings her.he also now is a granfather,but not likely to see his granson allow your daughter to make up her own mind. does she have a mobile?? for him to contact her directly. she may have mixed feelings and hopefully she wont decide anthing based on loyalty to her parents rather than the truth. has he ever apologised to her for the past .i think that she would feel differently if he made a concerted effort to repair her emotional state. I wish you both a peacefull and happier future. :)
Swissgirl- I am so sorry to hear what you're going through.
As far as I know, the courts want what's in the childs best interests and listen to what they want.As she is 13 ( and not a baby) I don't think they'll force her to see him.
Does he want to have regular contact with her? You could consider mediation.

My daughter(15) has very little to do with her dad even though he tries to 'win' her round.I would like them to have a healthy relationship but I don't force her to do anything and I support her decision because I know she does love her dad but feels let down by him.I'm sure as she matures ,she'll see things differently and I think your daughter will too.
I really hope things get better for you soon.