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Salt in the wound and Awesome weekend

L Updated
Positive bit I had my little girls from 10am Saturday to 5pm Sunday... was amazing, we had time together no pressure no worries. I loved it and so did they. I know they did as both asked to say with me and not go back. But as you all know its shared care and we have to be respectful and responsible. Its the STBX birthday, last weekend we made cards and I ordered a very expensive canvas for her, for the new secret house from the girls of the girls. Quote from my eldest when I gave her the wrapped present to open "Look mummy you do have a present to open" Who knows what shes been telling those girls. Cynical bit So why did I get so much time, well I frankly don't care :) But #1 She dropped them off Very odd always picked them up from her parents #2 She picked them up Again very odd always done at her parents #3 I had them all day Sunday, normally they are with her parents Odd, ooh I noticed her parents were not home, they must be away #4 She dropped them off in a push chair Very odd her parents live 6 miles away Basically I take this as, her parents are away, she wanted a night and day with her new man (Saw her car and his at the secret address I do not know) therefore I get my girls, frankly great let this continue please. Salt bit Why drop the girls off via a pushchair, enforcing the fact she lied to my solicitor, got hers to lie also, and now flaunting the fact shes moved house!! I know shes only .6 of a mile away but if your going to deceive someone wouldn't you drive. I mean when I mention this in court what exactly is her defense? So all in all a very positive great weekend. She shouted on the phone last time that she would up access, I am hoping she will email me today to offer something over the bank holiday weekend. I have always had to request.. lets she if shes true to her word and offers. I am sure I will get a message like. "as you have not contacted me I will assume you do not wish to see your children this weekend" I want them this weekend I want them Friday to Monday.. but I will let her offer for once.. :)

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Sometimes you have to put yourself through it to get what you want. So she'll be abusive and she'll make the call in from of her family or the kids so it sounds worse than it is. Take the hit as the reward of getting the kids will ease the pain. Honest.
I sent a email for a night or multiple over the weekend, she has called me but left no voicemail.. so I will wait for a mail, I cannot put myself through another abusive phone call.
I told you you'd get to be the unpaid babysitting service soon enough.Once she wanted her weekends free to be with the new fella.
All the best
Don't cut your nose off to spite your face. Ask for time over weekend x
Wonderful to hear you are having time with your girls and ejoying it so much. I know it is not enough - it can never be enough, but like anything rare, we value it more. Keep having fun. :)
How amazing and what a great time you had. The reason why you got the children doesn't really matter if you can have good times with them to make the bonds even stronger. What a very nice person you are to get that picture from the children for her birthday. It's important for them.

I'm just a little concerned that if you don't ask to have the children it may be misinterpreted and a) you won't have the children over the long weekend and b) it may be used against you. I'm sure the other wikis will have ideas.

Happy for you Lost. xx