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The countdown has begun...

A Updated

We're telling our daughter today (as it is 3 minutes past midnight here in Spain).

Neither X2B nor I are nervous at this stage, that'll change I'm sure.


I must say, one of the things that has helped me (us) prepare the most is the advice, experiences and general comments from the wonderful people on this site. Thank you all if you've ever commented on my blog or a post on the fora. You have all helped me become stable and in control again from the jibbering wreck I was in the early days.

And the 'early days' were less than a month ago so you work pretty damn fast!!!

So, again, thank you, I'm sure you all know how much strength and comfort a total stranger's comments can be in times of utter despair.


And as a reward for your efforts, you get to know my real name (an, no, I am not famous!!!!) and see a picture of me.

I can sense the excitement from here....


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Be brave, she will be OK, she has 2 parents who love her dearly and all she needs to know is that she's safe and loved. You live in Spain? Cool. We're virtually neighbours. ;)
Wishing you good luck with what is a crappy horrible thing to have to do, it was the worst day of my life when we told our children. That was almost 3 months ago and on a positive note they coped and are continuing to cope amazingly well. :)
Keeping my fingers crossed for you apm. You have the right attitude because you are thinking about your daughter and whats best for her, youll be fine.

Cant wait to see the picture though I must agree with Jules that the monkey picture is very good. I would like a new picture for my profile and cant quite decide who I am. I changed it the other day from one with sun glasses to one without - more open, more confident, but still not me.

Good luck
I quite like the monkey picture.

I'm sure you are better looking ;)