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The day is coming

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Well, I suppose the one thing I have learned from this is "never say never " Money I swear is a terrible thing. And then have only one person earning it and the other a sign on the fridge "IF MONEY DOES NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY, YOU DONT KNOW WHERE TO SHOP " And now the day is coming closer and closer for me to say, thank you for everything but I would like to have a divorce. It is kinda strange, it was just tonight that I decided. On my own here in a hotel working hours from home saying to myself "well, this is not gonna work" . So she is going to get her last chance now but I know I only do it out of decency and then it is going to a lawyer. For gods sake I already phoned one to see where I stand. And big s..t is gonna come. There is just not enough money and the only way out is for me to take what I need, give her to do the same and get a firm and tell them please clear the house....as that is the cheapest way. The contract on her 7 room mansion (without children) is running out in 2/12 and then anyway there isn't place for all the crap anymore anyway. Well, in the long run it was to a large extent my fault as well but someone who does not earn a penny and is planning her hair extensions while a electricity bill is waiting has to have something wrong. So the one or 2 times I spoke about the house and the problems there was just big fights so now her porche (yes!) is gonna go, most of the beds and everything. So, the day has come.... It does dot look like something nice but it has come. I don't know what next week is going to be like but it is going to be one of the worst in my life.

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So the time has come for things to change. It's a huge decision but at the end of the day, this situation can only go on for as long as you're working away and earning for her lifestyle. That is no life really for either of you.

No decent person relishes facing a scene, but this situation is clearly making you very unhappy and you have to make your voice heard. Saying that, try to remain calm whatever the provocation. You've tried to discuss these issues with her in the past but now the contract is running out,there simply is no more time for prevaricating.

It's not going to be pleasant, but it's a conversation that you need to have and I hope common sense prevails. Let us know how you are.

Take care.