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The family unit

A Updated
I watched a fantastic programme on Sunday night,called the C word.It was about a young girl's discovering she had breast cancer and her journey throughout it.The programme was sad,funny and inspirational,and at the heart of it was a united family,and how they dealt with the devastation that the C word brings. Whilst thinking about it later,I thought about my situation,what if something happened to me or mine,I would be on my own,I would have to be strong,I could not rely on Twonk also. Anyway that thought turned into a reality yesterday afternoon,my little man,after showing no symptoms became very lethargic and started to turn blue,so no messing 999 call and paramedics soon in situ.Ambulance quickly arrived and my daughter and son-in- law went in ambulance with him.I followed with my eldest and left a message on Twonk's voicemail informing him. Hospital staff were fantastic,he was seen straightaway,and I put a brave face on for his Mammy,who by now had lost it,whilst he underwent some intensive examinations with me holding him,he resisting I also lost it,There was me,his Nan Nan hurting him,by restricting him. Upshot was a viral infection in the throat,and late last night after treatment we were allowed home. Then I spoke to a very dear friend who is in Spain at the moment,doing exactly the same for her family,holding the fort and just being there for them all.. So whilst I cried into my pillow last night,yes it was the what if's,but mostly relief,I did realise that we are the family unit,you do not have to be the 2.4 children etc,families come in all shapes sizes,as long as your a family that's all that matters.Yes hands up I lost it,but I am there for my family whenever... As for Twonk,he text Mammy asking"Do you want me to come" Suffice to say he never got a reply....

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Haha must be some steroids and /or ventolin on board! My son used to do the same with croup or asthma episodes. Great to hear he is doing well.
So glad to hear your 'little man's mended'
Thank you for your kind words.
It was a wake up call for me,even though we are a family,they still look to me for the strength,whilst I can appear strong for them,it sometimes is a facade,just as with you all.but yes Mitch,we can and do rely on each other,and I for one am grateful for that.I know I can offload to some of you,without any fear of you judging me,or thinking I am a wuss...

Update on Dylan,
He is running around like a loon again,so the meds are working their magic.

When an emergency occurs in a family there's absolutely no time to sit and ponder - we respond immediately with love and compassion, even if it leaves us drained. You were the glue that held it all together yesterday Afon, even though you fell apart when the crisis abated. A parent's love is a magic salve.

And whatever the emergency, the warmth and support of this community will lighten your day. We know we can lean on each other and we're in good company here!

Sorry to hear about your scare Afon. Sounds like you did just fine, don't worry about getting upset. After all, it is upsetting! And so is the realisation that you don't have the partner you are used to sharing these things with. I remember when I had to have some operations recently, and was asked at the first pre-op for my 'next of kin'. Gave me quite a jolt as I suddenly realised I didn't know what answer to give. But plenty of people never had partners to begin with, and they cope. As we are coping!

I know you enjoy your family and they enjoy you. You are a complete family and no need for anyone else. xx