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18 months post divorce...so where am I at? The past year and a half have been let's say..'interesting'... in turns terrifying, involving, hopeful and shocking. I eventually moved house in Sept 2015 into a nice 3 b3d flat not too far from where I lived before. Neat place...spent a few months painting and sorting out furniture. I was helped by a very nice woman I met on a casual date (there were lots and lots of dates. Why not?? I enjoyed being in 'the game' again but this one person stood out and we immediately began seeing each other to the exclusion of anyone else. I digress. I'd just got the place spick and span by Xmas when I received a phone call on Boxing day from my neighbour Norman (ex Belfast copper) who, in his broad accent told me my flat was flooded by a broken pipe upstairs and that he was standing inches deep in water in my bedroom (he has spare keys). My daughters arrived the very next day for a Christmas holiday in dad's new place !! Disaster.... soaking wet , no bed (the leak came down right on top of my bedroom... One of those horrible times when luck seems right against one.. So..after 5 months of hassling insurance, having no bed, no carpets or flooring anywhere I eventually find myself in a freshly decorated flat, with new furniture and a new bed! It was a cold and pretty miserable few winter months however. I slept on a mattress on the floor. My thoughts couldn't stretch beyond the next day. The next phone call to insurers who didn't seem to bothered until I made noises about going to live in a hotel! Now, I finally have a new place! so it worked out. God knows about this years premiums though!! I'm still seeing the same woman and she's been very supportive. She was really there for me, when, in the midst of the above I started to feel ill and was diagnosed with heart disease (getting breathless spells). I couldn't believe it.. I cycle.. a lot!! I don't smoke.. Stress?? The past few years have been hell. I went for a number of tests.. and eventually after 4 months they decided there was no heart problem and that my episodes of breathlessness were simply my body being overloaded with worry.... Just goes to show.. don't always believe the first thing a doctor says! That was an eye opener. Perspectives etc. Really, it is so true that without health you are really up against it.. you have nothing. So. I am now feeling as if my 'normal' life can begin again properly. I can go home to a comfortable place and sleep in a real bed. I hope that in a few years time I can sell for a profit and move to the West Country as planned.. but we shall see. I still get very anxious over 'the future'.. feel vulnerable to circumstance.. A little bit of calm would be really lovely after all of this!!

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