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Today was the day!!!

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Today was the day my stbx and I decided that we would announce to our two adult kids (early 20's) that we were planning to divorce!!!
I couldn't face it and my stbx decided that she would tell them without me there; not apportioning any blame or guilt........we both decided on this route.
Yes, I am a mouse but I simply couldn't face them

As I write this I'm still in the office and cannot face going home; I feel terrible, frightened, lonely, ashamed.........
But I will go home later tonight........

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Thanks Mitchum for your kind words of encouragement.
i'm now sitting on the other-side of the world due to work; planned weeks ago etc. so not running away!!!
The "kids" took it all very, very well.....I think....but possibly on the surface. Knowing them they will be hurting like hell inside.
Yes, life can be hard at times. At least I'll have some time over here to "mull things" over.
Again, many thanks for your suport
If no blame is apportioned I hope that the family can help each other through this time of massive change.

Finding the harsh reality hard to face up to is not being a mouse. That's how heartbreak feels, it chokes you and causes you to feel overwhelmed and that's how you felt sitting in the office afraid to go home. I hope your children were able to accept what you and your wife have decided. It will all seem surreal for a while but if it's a mutual decision and things can be sorted amicably then the hurt will subside in time.