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Trouble with in-laws.

Z Updated

My husband's sister brought my 13 year old daughter home today. She had been staying with her aunt during the half-term holiday. This was an awkward situation because it appears that 'sister-in-law' has taken a judgemental stance against me.

She just barged into the house and made herself at home without being asked. My presence was not even acknowledged. She made cups of tea and a meal for herself, my (to be ex) husband and the children while I was ignored.

She was telling my chilren what to do. (I felt completely supplanted as a mother.) She then plonked herself down on the sofa, with a smug look on her face, while finishing the hem on a dress for my daughter. Was I really in the room or not? Have I become just a ghost in my own home? Tears were beginning to well up inside me so I went up to my bedroom.

Later, my daughter found my crying. She confided in me some of the things her aunt and grandma have been saying behind my back. They have said that it will be better for her when she is no longer 'living under the same roof as her mother'. My daughter said she did not want me to leave this house.

Also her aunt told her that I had left her alone, when she was a toddler, so she had to feed her baby brother when he cried. I know this is not true, I don't know where 'sister-in-law' got this story from. My daughter was upset about this - she says she can't remember this ever happening. Even my (to be ex) husband agrees this story can't be true.

It seems that the in-laws are trying to 'side' with him against me. They are looking for evidence against me to support their opinion of me as a 'bad mother'. It seems the in-laws are ganging up against me - they are determined to have control of the children. Think I am the cause of all the 'problems' in the family.

However, they will find, once they have got rid of me, that the old problems will remain. Then they will just have to find someone else to blame.

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Zanth - I had a similar experience today...with Ex sister in law. My Ex in laws have caused me so much trouble in the past years, too much to even describe. I can only hope they get tired of it.

Support your kids and show them the truth. I dont mean telling them but showing by your actions how much of a "good" mother you are. Even when it gets tough keep the consistancy. I'm trying and can only hope that they will remember in years to come.

Take care