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Update on new relationship

L Updated
Hi people Haven't been around much as my life seems to be in a perpetual state of fast forward. Since Christmas, I have sold my house (contracts exchanged yesterday, completion on 31/1), so me and my new man (who I met on this site) have rented a beautiful house together and are moving in over this weekend. Bloody hard work but well worth it for a new start in our own place instead of my house which was my FMH. X2B is behaving and has signed off all the financials so when the house sale completes, funds will be transferrred into our accounts instead of sitting in sol's account making them (even) richer! My DIY divorce is also going ahead swimmingly and I am just about to apply for nisi, so will soon be a divorced (but HAPPY) woman! I have traded in our car and bought myself a sporty convertable which I pick up next week. Can't wait, sooooo excited!!!! So, for all those people in the deepest darkest depths of despair, I just want to say, there is always light atthe end of the tunnel and these things really do happen for a reason and all the other cliches that are bandied around by well meaning friends and family. They may be cliches but there is truth in them. You won't always see it like that but it is the truth. When my split first happened, I was devastated but here I am 4 months on and look how much my life has changed and I am now the happiest I can remember being for a very long time and feel confident and exited about our future. One of the main things that got me through the darkest days and nights were all the wonderful people I met on this site (especially new man!), without whom I really don't know what I would have done. Thank you so much Ian for creating this wonderful site and you deserve a Knighthood for the comfort you have helped people feel!!!! I wish you all well and the best of everything, after all we have been through, we all deserve to be happy at the very least. Take care of each other - I will pop in occasionally to see if anybody around who I know but looking at who is logged in at this very moment I only recognise about 3 names! Love you all Nix xxxxxx

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Well, it just goes to show - as a newcomer to this site (and divorce) that there IS life after having a nuclear bomb dropped into your life.
I can but wish you nothing more than every happiness in your new life

Like you I havn't been on the site for a while, I am really pleased for both of you and I wish you every happiness and luck. You sure have gave me inspiration and you also gave me some great advise. Thanks.

You deserve this happiness.

Well that is great news. You certainly know how to move ahead and straight into Top Gear.

Best Wishes to 00 Soul too

Hiya LN, has been a while since i have seen the pair of you in chat , glad your both keeping well and that your happy , pop in to chat to us sometime.
Hi Nix,

Glad all is going well for you :) :) :) Don't be a stranger


It is fantastic to hear your news. I am so pleased for you that things are going so well. It really is an inspiration for the rest of us. Personally I am over my divorce trauma...but haven't yet met that new person or found that new inspiration to really help me to start really living life to the full again. Your story gives me (and I am sure others) real hope.

I actually have a date tonight for the first time in a couple of months....so you never know!

Thanks also for the complements about the site. I really do hugely appreciate your kind words.

It is always really nice when someone who has moved on and doesnt need wiki anymore, pops back and gives us an update.

Best of luck with everything.