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Weekends are different

T Updated

Weekends are different when you have seperated.I have had the most difficult weekend since we parted. Soon2bx 'worked' this weekend, ('working' was what he used to say he was doing when he was cheating)so I had sole responsibility of the two kids. Both have been ill with tummy complaints since last Thursday.Then I got it...

Thought I could depend on my parents, or family for support.. but NO resounding NO from mum and letter to ex saying they weren't there to be relied on in a crisis.

I am so disappointed in them, had words with mum as I told her a few home truths in which she has flounced out the house.I suppose that means me out the will then and not spoken to.I must be such a disappointment to them. I am just so sick of them making me feel like someone to be got rid of ..they said they had given me to HIM to be looked after and now he wasn't there that I had to make him take his share or come back to look after me.Bloody cheek.I feel like a parcel at the post office, passed around and rejected by all.

So Like I said I fight on, I am a survivor.I can do this. Even if the odds are stacked against me.

On Saturday I almost passed out when I stupidly had to pop out to the shops,came home in a hurry and rested and felt better, been out again this morning and feel dreadful.

On a good note, my daughter has decided to stay with me this week instead of her dad as he is going to be too busy for any time with her this week(didn't take him long did it?).

Has anyone else noted how loved up everyone else in the world seems to be at this time of year??Just wait until after New Year when their lives are falling apart......

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