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What is she hiding? Statement of information / Truth

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Hi All Sorry for long time not posting but I am healing nicely from this process and kinda don't need to constantly rant and air my grief.. Which I guess is a good thing. Finances So I made an offer to my STBX , forget doing all the work on finances and just get a letter from solicitor reflecting we both have no interest in each others finances. Anyway this offer was rejected.. and she has demanded a Statement of Information. And also oddly proof of the statement and everything. OK its done I have completed mine, with proof.. my solicitor wrote to her and she agreed to also do a statement of information.. In fact she said she has done it and she was ready to exchange documents. Them my solicitor said we have a single document reaming and we will be ready to exchange, can my STBX please confirm she has completed the Statement of truth and can also provide Proof. Response, No.. she will no longer provide a Statement of Information as its irrelevant. She said has no real income, savings or pension, and therefore I have nothing to claim. She just wants mine to deiced how to proceed. Needless to say ALARM bells from my solicitor So how do I proceed do I send her the statement of information and see what she tries to claim for? or make her provide the document the courts require from both of us? Key part here is I desperately need the BP94-1 land registry form gone as my finances are spiraling and my credit rating is destroyed. I also have no care what she has.. she can have a million pounds in the bank I wouldn't want a penny from her.

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Thinking about it your wife has probably had that house she moved into bought for her by her parents.
Probably why she never wanted you to know where it was.
Sounds as if you've kept the family home which is a result as a bloke.
So maybe just let it ride send your statement and see if she signs off the mortgage and you get a clean break.
That'll be a result if you've come out of this that well.
all the best
Just role with it.
Your royally fecked anyway financially with kids of 4 and 2.
She will get everything anyway that's in the pot.
Don't waste money on solicitors.
You need to find out what she really wants anyway.
Remember they want everything...the shirt off your back....couldn't give a feck where you live and that they will ride your rse for the child maintenance for the next 20 years whether they need it or not.
All the best
Get her to provide a statement of finances / E form.
She is looking at yours to see what else she can get so you need to defend the matter. Has your solicitor not offered advice on a way forward?

Ring the advice line on here... I found it very helpful.

Stay strong fella