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A Glimer of Hope !

M Updated

Had a phone call yesterday from my ex boss, who was ringing to tell me I am being head hunted for a job that may be coming up in the not too distant future and would I be interested??

I picked myself up off the floor I replied "Yes".

After all the doom and gloom of the past week or so the glimer of hope is on the horizion maybe x

When you feel you are at rock bottom it is amazing how quickly some good vibes can spring you out of the doom and dispair you felt prior.

So next week I have arranged a meeting with the company involved and will be waiting with baited breath the offer that may or may not be put on the table.


What a fab Christmas pressie that would be, in order for me and the children to move on with our lives.


Feel good today, who knows what tomorrow may bring xx

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Good luck moonstar ;)
What a great lift moonstar! They are very few and far between in this whole messy business. Hope it all goes your way. The thought of being independent and in a position to provide must be so uplifting. Best of luck, Mike