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A lesson for us all

A Updated
Back to reality for me,yesterday back to work after a fab week in Spain.Great to catch up with staff and news,and nothing really happened.This morning on earlies again,after breakfast I sat talking to one of my ladies,just general chit chat,when she keeled over into my lap,and well the inevitable happened.Yes it goes with the job,but it does not get easier,I still feel so sad. Personally I have started thinking outside of the box lately,getting very philosophical in my old age(or very boring)and I realise and can totally accept that I am very lucky,just as most wiki's here.Yes we have crappy days but we also have good ones,okay a few aches and pains but general health is fine,and yes I do have a whine,but what for? Most of us have been shat on from a great height,but we can only deal with it ourselves,we cannot even try to understand the logic of our ex's,and TBH do I want to even waste my time??? We cannot do anything about the past,it's done,dusted we have to live with it.... The future we do not know if it belongs to us yet,so what's the use worrying about that one also.... The one we can do something about though is today,so why waste headspace thinking about the past or the future,just live where your at..today...because as we all know, at some point today will be our final day. Take care Luv and cwtchs A very boring Afon Xxxx

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My mate Esox xx...You have been there for me also,we have gone through this dreaded journey,and that horrendous E form,but we retained our sense of humour,Thankfully.....
I truly hope that the tide is turning for the good your way also.
Yes this life of ours is special,and Oh so short,so we have to live for the day...
Hopefully share a few ciders in August :D

Take care
Luv and cwtchs
Sand Xxxx
Afon, you have helped loads of us on here with cwitchs n hug plus wise words. You realy are one of lifes givers.... but there comes a time when a little taking and me time is needed.

My dad passed away at 63 and that kicked me into gear... he saved all his life but didnt live! He worked, he planned but didnt realise his dreams. Thats not for me... lots of cliches on the subject but life really is not a rehersal, it is too short and we are a long time dead. Work hard, play hard and give those yu cherish a big hug and tell them what they mean to you.

Your a special one ;)

Esox xx
Thanks all,for the messages of support for me,yes I am fine,as I said all in a days work for me :( :( but as my unit is only small,and some of our patients are with us for a while,you do build a rapport with them and their families,so yes I make no excuses I do get affected...

So living in Today means for me,cleaning,washing and ironing.
Oh well,reality is certainly back to stay :)
Also special Thanks to that message I woke up to,that WOW was so appreciated,and yes I truly think he does know just exactly that ;) ;) ;)

Luv and cwtchs
Nice one Afon x
Afon, ((()))

I know you say it goes with your job,but YOU and the wonderful job you do is so important.xxx

I like most will never understand the stbx but whats done is done.Can not change the facts however much we would like too.

Meeting the future head on as best and as fully as we can making every moment count.

Onwards and Upwards

hear hear Afon thanks x
Hope you have had time to recover yourself Afon.
It can't have been very pleasant for you.
I do try to live in the moment, but tend to wonder off.
With kindness and empathy from friends it's about do-able
Hug for you ((( )))
wise words afon xxxxxxxxxx
AT least she had someone with her. My mum was moved to a hospital and died alone in a side ward. I found her when I went to visit.

And you are so totally right. Here and now. Live with no regrets (apart form having chosen Twonks and f*ckwits of course).
Last thing you are is boring! Your philosophical yet always down to earth approach helps and encourages many of us who are not yet where you are. You're right - we need to remind ourselves just how lucky we are in many ways - easy to forget at times. For myself, probably spending too much time at moment thinking about past, realise will never understand completely what has happened but feel need to make sense of it as best I can. Really trying to savour any good moments when they arise -and such wise words again - find myself worrying to much about future at time of such uncertainty - but again need to remind myself that is really a waste of time and energy too. Afon - you've made me feel so much better - feel head has been spinning recently - will just try and concentrate on the here and now. xx