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Should have done all this 18 months ago and it will probably cost me as a result but onwards we plod... Running out of ink in the printer as I run off copies of everything for the Eform.... 2 copies of everything so i dont get billed for the Sol this time for copying it all again! Expensive lesson learnt there! Accountant secured to help work it all out as its geting complicated and i want a proffesional pack to add into the Eform pack for the court. She has spun so much and made wild claims of under valuation etc. Need to cover bases so i can afford a roof over my head when all is said and done. More expense but want a judge to have evry T crossed and I dotted so no room for her lies and bull dung! Mum has told her to get her dirty mitts off my Grandfathers war pension trust but the reality is... sol says it will prob have to be declared! Ouch! My grandfather was shot and taken prisoner in the push thru italy and ended up in germany as an experiment to try and save his arm - which they did before moving him to a Stalag camp in Poland. He was forever thankful to those doctors. His sacrifice and that of others has been brought home this week. Much Respect! Unlike many, he made it back to a military hospital before coming home in late 1945. He believed he was the only survivor from his unit. I am going to the regiment museum to look into it all soon. Found some great pictures of them in Syria, Egypt, Iran before they headed across to the real battle in Italy where it all went very wrong. No pictures from there!! What a differant world then. My daughter had a little home sick wobble at Uni recently but got through her exams and is home tomorrow after tonights end of year ball. I envisage a fit for nothing teenager tomorrow lol. You only live once as I keep telling her. Very proud Dad. Cant wait for some quality time with her soon. :0) Flaming june.... My Ar%e! Need some sun! Getting to grip with emotions (ish) and trying to stay focussed now. Onwards and Upwards.

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Good luck as ever esox and thanks for the offer to save my sanity the other day.

My gdad was also captured during the Italy campaign and thankfully survived the war to live a long and happy life with my gran. How relationships were meant to be.

Firstly, well done you, sounds like you are ready to take the bull by the horns and get this thing done. May your strength continue and should it falter...you know where there is always support.

As for your daughter, Uni is inevitably harder than they imagined but they will thrive and survive. Be very glad that she will communicate with you and let you know how she is feeling. It is very important to them even though they are trying to be all grown up and survive without their parent(s)! It is at the same time a credit to you and your relationship that she does let you know. Big up Daddy Esox.
love the story about your grandfather, was talking to my mum about the war etc this weekend, appears my great uncle (granddads brother) stepped on a landmine and was killed on day the war ended, ironic.

sorry, off tangent a bit, still seems unfair she s entitled to any of that money.

hope it all goes your way, fingers crossed

onwards and upwards
Big hugs ((()))

Have a quiet time with your daughter :) she might indeed be sensitive to noise etc... :)

C xx