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After 2 and a half years

S Updated
Anyone have any ideas why my ex husband is prepared to go to prison rather than see our matrimonial property . Quick update, husband caught cheating over 2 years ago and we are now divorced. Husband allowed to stay in home as did not work but lived with girlfriend and has for all this time. We had no contact for this period and I won court hearing. I discovered on returning to the home and he admitted that he was decorating it the way I wanted prior to my discovery but stopped as he didn’t know what was happening. He also asked me to feel the muscles on his back. I was gob smacked. Since then he has pretended that he is getting the property ready for sale and at the point of vacant possession he has now stopped communication and I have to go back to court. Prior to this all he wanted to talk about was our marriage. This was 4 weeks ago now and application for court hearing has been submitted . Now out of the blue the new girlfriend whom I have never met or even known her name sent pictures of her and him to me on social media. What!!!!! I have left them too it the whole time and now she wants to start attacking me and the house is no nearer to being sold than it was 2 years ago. Any ideas as this is so tiring.{jomcomment}

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I'm sorry this is happening to you. You should really post your question in the forum so that those who can help you will read your post. I would also suggest you change your username- using your email as your username is never a good idea for many reasons.