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all at sea

I Updated
Golly. Just had a PM (private message) from another of the gang saying that I was much missed at a recent meetup and that there is much concern about my wellbeing!!! A big thank you to all my supporters. I must become active on this site, rather than the Facebook thing, and help all our newbies to settle in and get what support they need. I was once there myself and have found huge amounts of care and support from the people on the site. Best wishes to all who sail the seas of divorce. Ig

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See my next blog.

Friends much appreciated. Hopefully I can return the favours.
Hi Ig,
It does come as a shock to find people who care about us when we've been treated badly by someone we once loved and trusted. I think we're so used to feeling uncared for we do get emotional when strangers express concern for our wellbeing. That's one if the amazing things about wikivorce.

Can someone please explain to me how virtual hugs from strangers can make us feel better? No? I thought not! I am living proof that hugs from total strangers can help us keep going through another single day and then the next, until we're actually living again and not merely surviving. Those kind of 'strangers' become lasting friends. Those friends were looking out for you Ig and wished you'd been there. xx