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Am no longer resident in UK - is this a problem?

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Hello everyone, I am feeling stuck and would appreciate some advice or encouragement form others who know about similar situations. Last summer I began divorcing my soon to be Ex and all was going well, he signed the paper agreeing to his adultry - then just before we were to get our decree nisi he changed his mind and tried to say he did not have the adultry, and wanted to change the grounds for divorce to 2 years separation, which was a lie and if he tried to serve me with a cross petition he was not able to do so as during this time I moved away from the UK and am no longer living in Europe, which means I have not been able to attend the last 2 court dates, and there is another date for the hearing 3 weeks from now, but again it is impossible for me to be there. Can anyone advise me if this means that we are never going to get our decree nisi? - I was hoping that at some point the judge will just go ahead and pronounce the decree without both of us being present in court. There are no children to consider and the marital property was sold last year so there are no monetary problems to sort out - we just want the divorce! - Please, if someone can give me any ideas on what happens in this type of situation I would be most grateful - will it just keep dragging on forever because I am not in court and cannot go there, or will some kindly judge just get on with it so Me & Ex can get on with our lives??

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