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an idle dream

I Updated
Where will I be in a year's time? Tucked up warm and sexy with my new girlfriend in a nice flat near some nice part of the city? Or next to an airfield outside the city in a bizarre home full of my great grandfather's antiques hosting soirees by the piano and guitar with a couple of Lotus in the garage- and tucked up warm and sexy with my new girlfriend? I could do with a hug tonight. She touches me so sensually!!! :) With a lake nearby for my Summer swims and her all year swims. The dog in her basket. My daughter and stepdaughter visiting… with their lovely boyfriends. Also her sons with their gorgeous girlfriends. My ex gone to some distant foreign country in a huff. Friends aplenty dropping by or staying for a week in the guest suite/ wing. Relatives ditto. Money gushing in from…. various projects and random work. Open house twice a year for all the neighbours who regard us with amazement and a little envy but appreciate our kindness to all in need. Where dreams become reality. Futuropolis in the country. The Present in town. Aerobatics in the baby Spitfire of an evening. Perhaps 2 years away? from a diary entry by an idle dreamer who couldn't sleep at 1am and was sick of writing about his current life.

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Back again.

Big thank yous to all of you.

Still missing my daughters.

I'll have a big party for all you Wikis when I get somewhere with my dream.

Merry Xmas (just in case I don't get back on here) when it comes. Happy St Andrews day on Monday. :)
Ig I think it is so poignant that your dream includes a partner. Keep the dream alive, and good luck to you!

My dream is more modest or less imaginative, and I am getting there. I'm sure you will too.

PS Abs in the meantime you are welcome to visit me - no Lotus or airfield I'm afraid, but I am sure we would have a good laugh.
Can I come visit?
Lol Ig.

My dear old Dad who I loved unconditionally,and who loved us kids in the same way, always said
"Dreams become reality,as long as your open to some changes"

Makes a lot of sense to me....
Whatever your dreams,this nightmare is coming to an end,and hopefully her hold on the girls will lessen at some point.

Take care my friend,you deserve to enjoy some of those dreams

Afon Xx ;)