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Another 2 years of freedom

I Updated

Almost 2 years since I last wrote.

Still surviving it.
Finally packed up family papers relating to the ex and our children and put them into storage. Unfortunately can't put it all 'to bed' yet as yet another Court Order may be needed to get the ex to sign bank instructions to split the final amounts in joint accounts which have been held ready for the taxman until Jnauary. No reply to any of my emails about gettin this done.... just the usual ostracising. I expect further allegations that I am harassing her if I press for legal action or any action to get the money distributed.
I /we are so lucky to have money stuck in a joint account!
I remain concerned that members of her family may show up and do me harm if I reawaken matters. She had alleged that they had been involved in a civil war which involved numerous war crimes- but perhaps that was just more coercive control and fantasy...or perhaps not.
Another few months? Will the divorce courts work with Covid-19?
No news from children. A friend, who was such a child, suggests may take another 5 years or so until they break away from such a manipulative woman.

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Sorry to read about your situation still going on. For some of us it is sadly never ending. All the best.