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are all teenagers clumsy ?

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my son 14, has turned clumsy in the space of a week, are they all like it? last week he came out of the toilet, carrying the actual toilet seat, `it just fell off mum ??????????`, ok, next night, a loud bang from the hallway, he s sprawled on the floor `mum, think ive broken my leg, and ive hit my head` ??????????? following night he went out, came home about 8pm `mum,can you fix these`??????? massive whole in his brand new pair of shorts, few nights later `mum i`ve split my tea`all over my bed`,???? by tea i mean, curry, bright RED curry, so had to buy him a whole new set of bedding, tonight, he s getting ready for football training, took him in his drinks, told him to be careful because one of the bottles wouldnt shut properly, so he threw it on his bed, and yes now need to wash all his new bedding, is it just mine or are they all the same, still never a dull moment and wouldnt change him for the world xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Teenage boys especially are often clumsy because they are growning so fast that they literally don't know where their limbs end! It should get better once his growth slows down. That doesn't help with the skateboard in the middle of the kitchen floor problem, though.
Mine leaves a skateboard in the middle of the kitchen floor - just ready for me to fall over when I get up at 5 in the morning for acup of tea, unable to sleep !!! he also manages to put sweatshirts,t-shirts ,pajama bottoms and even a pair of trousers once ,on back to front .
You have to love them !!
LOL Raybird I have 2 teenage boys (14&17) the house & all that is in it is not safe!!!!

They also have friends over quite a bit & they are just as bad. Have broken door (given up fixing them), marked wallpaper, broken crockery, a couch & front room that is constantly spilt in etc etc. Have had broken beds x2 as for the garden furniture (have just resorted to buying plastic & I hate plastic but the £300 one I bought last year only lasted a season!) oh & 2 lots of broken lights (pillow fight & dancing).

Sometimes it's heartbreaking because I am a bit of a house proud nut - other times you've just got to say oh well & not let it bother you 9 times out of 10 the damage is by accident (the extra 1 is because of stupidity - which also follows with teenagers)!

I feel for you but it's nice to know I am not alone (& have inflicted clumsy boys on the world) do you think they will ever grow out of it ;D