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Well ex is due back this weekend from his holiday with his lovely girlfriend. Of course I hope they have had a wonderful time together ! Actually maybe if they have he might move out ... On the downside I suspect he will be back here annoying me by just being there . Oh well, all good things come to an end .

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He's only been back half a day and I want to scream !!! What I don't get is he doesn't want me in his life and he has a lovely new woman so why is he still living with me and not her ? Apparently he is not seeing her all weekend ! Unfortunately that means he will be here irritating me .
Xargle sorry that sounds bad. Even the anticipation is stressful isn't it?

My stbx moved on day one to a £500 a night hotel and stayed there for over three months! I would have done anything to have him back. Now I realise he did me a favour - even though he told me the company was paying and it turns out that that was just another of his fantasies and the one who is paying is me! What price not having him here?

I hope that you find a way to work things out and cope. Try to keep out of each other's way. In the 18 months since my x left I have tried again and again to talk to him, thinking I could help him to see reason but it was all wasted effort, not worth the breath or aggro.

It won't be forever and I'm sending hugs for strength. Stay away from him if its painful or awkward and try to keep yourself busy with friends and vent here, not to him.