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Bad news from ex

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I have said before that my ex has not been looking well, this week he has been diagnosed with a stomach tumour, still having some more tests but looks like it's malignant . I am not sure how I feel about the news, part of me thinks it's no longer my problem, but after 40 years of knowing him, I feel sad at this news, also I am worried how my sons will feel about it, they are 26 and 20 so grown up, but it's not news you want to hear at any age. I am hoping for my exs sake that it will be treatable and he gets better, I have never wished him any harm, and now I am in my own place and we have almost completed all the divorce and financial process I no longer feel angry towards him either.

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That's awful news Xargle, sorry to hear it. Despite everything that's happened, as you say you have 40 years history together and 2 children, so it must be upsetting even if you're all through the divorce and are doing well without him x