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Birthday thoughts continued.

T Updated
Why did you do it ****? Why did you walk away? Leaving me to cope alone And struggle every day? Was I such a bad partner? Was I such a bad wife? I thought you meant the vows we swore That marriage was for life. You've broken all your children And hurt them to the core I thought you loved your family But you walked out the door. Will you ever have courage to face them? Especially your youngest one? Pretending her best friend is now YOUR child Is it really that much fun? Where are the wonderful changes You claimed you needed from life You've replaced your job with exactly the same Complete with family and wife. Oh we'll get by without you But deep in the night I'm sure This question must tug at your innermost thoughts Haven't I done this before? Karma.

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Well said.

We look at ourselves in a storm of doubt.

Are we monsters? Did we really bring this upon ourselves? Are we the villains or the victims?

All I can say is that we tried, we may have failed, but we tried. Now we pick ourselves up from the dust, look to the future, and move forward. Its the only direction there is.
Oh teecher, how I feel for you. There's so much hurt in every line and we've seen you come through it all. The line I get stuck on is...

'Pretending her best friend is now YOUR child'.

How is he ever, ever going to be able to justify that to his daughter? How can he begin to make that up to her? He's made a very poor attempt with £10 and a birthday card. I wonder how he felt as he put the stamp on that and dropped it in the postbox?

But for the children, especially your youngest, you're doing a great job of keeping it all together. That takes a special kind of courage and determination and we see that every day on wiki too. Very special people like you coping against great odds. Stay positive.

Mithum xx

Beautifully put - I fear we will never know how they justify their actions - because we could not.