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Blended families

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im just back from a holiday with my partner and daughter and things didn't go well!  I feel totally torn in half and don't know what to do.  My partner says at the moment that he doesn't want to be around my daughter as she doesn't make any conversation with him and is rude to him.  My daughter says she doesn't make conversation as she doesn't like him, she doesn't like his opinions on things or the comments he makes and desperately doesn't want to move in with him which was the plan.  I love them both so much and as my daughter is only 13 the situation won't change for a long time but do I end this now because of her views.  He does say things that in his family were ok but I wouldn't say or agree with, however he is a loving, caring person.  How on earth can this work?? Help

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My brother got married to a lovely woman a few years ago - my parents went to the wedding in Australia - they were introduced to the her step father, Wally.

After about a week they were told that was not his real name but a nickname the girls had given him when he first went out with their mother :D

Give them time - maybe ask them both to give each other a chance, and take it slowly.

It's tough I know but I don't think we should expect anything atall from the children especially a 13 yr old.
My daughter found it very hard seeing her Mum with another man.
She was also 13. She was very upset and told me as such. The simple answer is it takes time and there should be no pressure I think from anyone for them to fit in with the new lives of parents