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body armour?

I Updated
OMG. My wife has just sent an email to my solicitor claiming she has reported me to the police for harassment and stalking after I went round and dropped off a present and card for my step daughter's birthday and handed it to some unknown person who happened to be going into the block. The madness intensifies. No news from the police as yet. I may keep you posted if I remain at liberty. I might add that she has been responding to most of my direct emails by claiming that I am harassing her and threatening to report me to the police. Unfortunately she seems to be carrying out her threats. The big threat was to kill me and claim she had done it in self defence. Time to buy body armour? A Xmas present for myself.

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Thank you, team.

The police don't know who to believe. Best to stay away, I suppose.

Wise advice, Onmyway- will do.
Print out and save the messages if your network allows, above all else protect yourself.
Ignatz, so sorry to hear this bad news. It's madness. Bad enough at the best of times, but with xmas round the corner, everything seems to be heightened and ghastly. Luckily I have no experience of anything similar, but presumably the police can soon be persuaded that it is all nuts? Good luck x