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Candy floss

C Updated
I bought my ticket, waited in line until it was time to board the ride. I sat down in the rollercoaster's back seat and safety-bolted in. The conductor pressed the button and off it went. First I just wanted to get off, but I couldn't. Next was the steep drop! Absolutely terrifying! Then many loops, twists and turns making me disoriented. After a while the rollercoaster calmed down. I could look around. When I first boarded, I thought I was the only passenger; now I saw there were others. Every now and again, a drop, but not as steep; twists, turns and loops, but not as severe. I don't know when the ride will end, but if it does at least I can tell people, "I got through it. Let's go get some candy floss."

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Superb. As long as you don't go on the roundabout and keep returning to where you started !!! Or the ride that takes you up and drops you to the floor before rushing you up to the top. Of course some of the rides will spin you until you get giddy and feel you don't know where to turn.
As long as you don't go on hoopla and win another booby prize !
Hi Concious
Love your analogy.
I think I might print it out and put it up in my kitchen.
Candy floss could put the brakes on and get me the hell off this ride. :)
Sorry roller coaster :D, went to caister for soul weekends :D
I want OFF this b****y roller caster I have had enough already, will pass on the candy floss con :Dxx
Nice blog Conscious. Not IF it stops - it WILL stop! To continue the fairground analogy, when the roller coaster finally stops and you step off, you may feel a little dizzy for a while, but others will hold you up till your head stops spinning and you can walk straight!

It's best to avoid the carousel, because that just goes round and round in circles. You are going to get through it and the candy floss is on me! :) xx