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Celebration Day.......

M Updated

Today would have been my 21st Wedding Anniversary, no gloom here as I've renamed it my celebration day...celebration of my two beautiful Sons who have shown me this week since finding out on Sunday that their Dad has a new family to go too, that I have a lot to celebrate. Ok stbx is a nasty , cheating liar but my Sons are a credit to me, two young men who since Sunday have protectecd me loved me and  looked out for me.  So together we are strong , positive and moving forward even though we've had the stuffing knocked out of us.  I know the future weeks, months are going to be hard, but we as a unit are positive and strong. Thanks to all here on wiki I now feel strong and able to continue , to look forward and support my two Sons, your support, help and encouragment has helped me so much, thank you all...what a great site !


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Glad to hear that your sons have supported you and although heartbreaking a bit of relief hopefully will be there because they now know. be happy
Hi M

So glad to hear the last week has been a good for you, here's to the many more you you will have once this is all over. Good things come to those who waited!

hi mmm that is great news. Just wanted to say that Karen S came into chat last night as she was worried about you and was asking if anyone had heard from you. Well you must be a good friend to her mmm for her to actually risk entering chat to talk to us regualrs in there lol as she has only ever pm me !!! it just shows how much peeps do care on here mmm take solace from that. But you will make it as will the loving support of your kids and your friends on wiki. I willl let her know you are on the way to recovery with the help of those closest to you. As the saying goes it can only get better.

Take care