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challenging legal fees

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i am writing an article on challenging legal fees and am trying to do some research on cases or case studies.  if anyone has links or successful cases it would be a great help

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Hi Cazzy,
Sorry you've had this bad experience and it's sounding as though you may have received poor/bad advice, however, we would have to know a lot more about the details of your divorce to be able to comment.

Many wikis never read the blogs, so if you post your query in the Forum with details of the divorce, (length of marriage etc) people may be able to advise you from their own experience. A visit to the local CAB would be helpful too.

Hi, I am in the process of challenging my legal fees, I believe I was given bad advise and as a result the divorce was rushed through, even through I would have been happy to wait to years, also I said I couldnt afford half the cost of divorce and my solicitor said ok I'll put a footnote on the form to say ur in a weaker finanicial position, well this was ignored and I ended up paying half of his divorce costs, also any claim I could of had on his Mums estate. So I signed the decree nisie and she said she was "surprised" that they then weren't for the absolute, dispite her asking them to wat until financial settlement, well being being "surprised" wasn't good enough, I'm suffering now before of that poor advise. Do you think I should ask for all my money back I still owe £1200 from a £4,000 bill ? Feeling cross and disappointed.
I expect the Legal Ombudsman publishes its decisions or has some case studies which you can look through.
Sounds interesting. Might be worth putting a post on the forum and may be a bit more detail. I know .Charles posts on here regularly, his profile says that he is a Costs Draftsman for a Solicitors firm. He may be able to help as a starting point.

I've challenged some legal fees twice and got some of my costs back. Once with a solicitor and once a barrister. But my complaints involved other aspects as well as costs and I settled before needing to involve the LO. So money I got backs was not the challenged costs alone.