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cops and floggers

I Updated
Good news first- the family home is sold and I finally have funds to move on and get on with my life.

The bad news- the cops are still refusing to throw out the Harassment Notice which threatens me with arrest if I make any contact with my daughter.  This despite their finally admitting that:
1. they don't check the ID of whoever complains even though I logged with them in 2013 that the ex might fabricate evidence,
2.  the ex attended the police station with our daughter (if it was our daughter?).  It took almost a year before the cops let this slip!!!
3.  although there is no appeal process, they will respond to my complaint "in due course" and that their response is "not time bound".  

So far, it has taken over a year to get this far.  Looks like it will be a long slog- if ever.

.... but then the ex repeatedly threatened to make sure I would never see the 'girls' again, if we divorced.

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Plus plenty info on the net. Be careful of solicitors / sites who will do it for you.
Hi...please can you guide me with the Police Complaint system? I think I need to use this as I was wrongly put in custody the whole night for a false complaint lodged by my stbx and released next day with no charge
I hate to tell you but you will never have a 'clean' record. My experience with my x many many moons with a drunk x lead to her being r;eased into my custody to get her home. Years and years later I applied for a licence for a legit reason and guess what popped up. Yep that incident. And many many years after that I was arrested because someone phoned crimestoppers and accused me of breaking into my x's house. I had stayed well away as I knew something like this might happen and I wasted a day of my life in a police station. I won my case against the police through the police complaints system.
More good news....

...the cops have finally accepted that I have behaved impeccably since they issued the Harassment Notice and have now lapsed it. I may have a clean record again? Then again.....

Now to think how to appraoch daughters again given that they are still almost certainly dominated by the ex.