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Court: The Fallout

R Updated
So..I got the train an hour and a bit to bloody Tunbridge to attend this hearing. Tundridge Wells in point of fact..about 30 miles from where the house is but conveniently the home town of her solicitor...I wandered around a bit beforehand. I like charity shops so popped into BHF killing time before the case hearing. Finally at about 30 minutes before the assigned time my solicitor arrived (his travel costs..I'm dreading it) and we went in to a tiny office where we discussed how to proceed. My stbx was there in another room. How odd. Here we are as adversaries.. what a mess. Couldn't get an agreement form her solicitors... in fact the only thing my brief told me was how shocked he was at her refusal to negotiate and the fact she said 'I should go back to where she found me'.. This is a reference to the fact I lived in north kent in a run down estuary town when she met me.. and now I live in london after we bought the flat/house etc. In other words.. she's a bit of a snob! It was upsetting. What the hell... at the time I was living in a house and on my own and it was what i could afford...shouldn't apologise I guess... but why does she have to be so spiteful?? She also raised stupid little queries on my Form E..£50 from here to there questions..not where did this £10,000 come from..but where did this £100 come from.. So we go before the judge in a tiny office and he mulls things.. and agrees the case should be heard in London (as I petitioned) but that the costs for this day should be paid not by my stbx who had refused the transfer but by us both.. Now I have a big bill and I'm wondering how am i going to pay? Why is this all running away like this?? It's the familar scenario of solicitors profiting from others misfortune and argument. Can I self represent at the next phase? The FDR/FDA or whatever?? I think I have no choice now. No means to pay any more... Got a lift home from the solicitor (nice of him) but felt pretty crap inside.. pretty worthless and stupid (don't worry..it's passed). here was this guy doing well in a lucrative career and I'm scrabbling around in the dirt to make ends meet..(jealousy isn't attractive I grant you).. Rant over... tired..stunned.. My daughter left home two days ago to live in Plymouth.. so a week of big events..I'm numb.

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((())) to you.
You've had a really tough week.

What happens to the people we knew and loved.
Believe in the fact better times will come.

So sorry to hear what you are going through, unbelievable! There will be light at the end of the tunnel, hang in there!

Also, I'm really sad your daughter has now left, you will no doubt really miss her.

Take care of yourself, you are you, an individual person and not defined by your stbx, her loss quite frankly! :D
(((()))) thinking of you, this is so very hard xxxx
Today was a rubbish day,
Tomorrow will be better.
It's just a shame it always comes down to money,
where is the respect we had for each other,did that leave with the love?
Sorry Run...Just believe in yourself that one day,you will be up and running again.Sometimes I am ashamed of my own sex,some women really need every penny they can get,but some Mmmmmmmmmmm